Euromix FineCoat

Euromix™ Finecoat is a pre mixed, 100% fully acrylic polymer based texture coating, designed for decorative finishing over Euromix™ Renders and other substrates. 

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Product Description

Euromix Render, when used in conjunction with Euromix Bond, is an acrylic modified cement based render suitable for application over most substrates including clay and cement bricks/blocks, pre cast or site poured concrete, calcil bricks, aerated concrete blocks/panels, expanded polystyrene and styrofoam surfaces (approved alkali resistant fibre glass mesh must be used when applied to polystyrene and styrofoam surfaces). Euromix Render is designed for use as a base coat render, applied in layers ranging from 2mm to 6mm at a time (higher thickneses can be achieved with multiple coats).

The applicator must ensure the surface to be rendered is stable and free of adhesion inhibiting materials such as dust, grease, dirt, fungus mould releasing agents, excessive water, etc. Euromix Render provides a weather resistant, stable protective surface for subsequent coatings of paint, trowelled on coatings, etc.

Mixing Instructions

Euromix Render can be mixed (with the correct ratio of Euromix Bond/water) by mechanical mixer or with a traditional concrete mixer. Add the required volume of Bond/water to the mixing bucket or concrete mixer the steadily add the Euromix Render until the mixture will hold a soft peak on a hawk.

Too soft a mixture will run off the hawk and requires extra time before the surface can be finished up; too hard a mixture becomes difficult to apply and finish.


Ensure the surface is clean, then; apply the render to the substrate using a steel trowel, taking care to coat evenly. The surface can then be ruled off with a straight edge to level the surface. When the material has firmed sufficiently it can be floated with a large polystyrene, wooden or plastic float. On completion of this process and after application of a finishing coat of Skim Render, the area can again be floated finish with a polystyrene, wooden or plastic float

to further flatten the surface for the application of texture coating finish or with a suitable sponge float, to bring the sand to the surface and finish to a sponge finish, ready for painting.


When mixed and applied correctly, 20kgs of Euromix Render should cover from 2 to 4 square meters, depending on the thickness of the layer and on how straight and true the substrate is.

Download Product Data Sheet

Download Safety Data Sheet


Important Information

Finecoat Texture cannot be applied directly over PVC, polystyrene (EPS), AAC or other absorbent materials without the application of a suitable base coat first. Euromix recommends the use of Euromix™ Acrylic Primer as the priming coat with Euromix Finecoat. 

Acrylic Primer

A specially formulated liquid additive that increases the adhesion, compressive and chemical strength of Euromix Render and Euromix Skim Coat, is added to the water in various ratios to make the gauge.